blue cross stitch baby blanket

DIY Cross Stitch Baby Blanket in 8 Easy Steps

At some point in your life birthdays become marriages and eventually, you will be receiving the infamous newborn baby announcements.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give the newborn something handmade. It only makes it more valuable due to the effort put it in.

Blankets are a key part of a baby’s experience, given that they spend most of their hours sleeping anyways. A handmade blanket given to a baby is a memorable gift that they might keep close for the rest of the years to come.

It may become tricky or difficult to but this do-it-yourself guide will help you create your very own cross stitch baby blanket.


You won’t need any materials that you don’t already have laying around if you’ve ever done a sewing project.

blue cross stitch baby blanket

Here are all the materials you will need for this diy cross stitch baby blanket:

  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors and pins
  • Matching threads
  • Cotton fabric of size 36″ x 36″
  • Fluffy cotton of size 41″ x 41″


  1. We begin by cutting two pieces of the fabric. It is necessary to keep the top piece 5 inches shorter all around. The cotton fabric may be 36″ by 36″, whereas the bottom fluffy piece could be 41″ x 41″.
  2. Once the cutting is out of the way, lay down the fluffy cotton piece on the floor with its right side down. Go ahead and lay the fabric cotton piece on top with its right side up. Ensure that the pieces are centered.
  3. Beginning around an inch from the corner, fold the fluffy cotton piece over the top of the fabric cotton piece. Secure the folding using a pin.
  4. Continue to do this throughout the rest of the sides of the blanket. Attach pins throughout to ensure the folds are secured.
  5. For now, ignore the corners and continue to fold only an inch from them. We will return to the corners eventually.
  6. Now, we shall begin sewing. Starting from the top of the corner, begin sewing throughout up until another corner. At this point, remove the excess needles and leave the corner one in the fabric.
  7. Now, fold the edge of the corner and secure it with your thumb safely. Sew down the seam to the edge of the other corner. Continue to sew around the blanket up until all of the four sides are covered.
  8. Remove all the excess pins and double check to ensure there are none that remain in the blanket.

And here you go! You have your very own diy cross stitch baby blanket. You may choose to gift this to a newborn baby or a soon-to-be mother.

You can use your own materials and designs to replace the fabric cotton and fluffy cotton pieces to add a more aesthetically pleasing and memorable touch to the baby blanket.

All you need is the materials, equipment, and a bunch of creativity, and you’re good to go!

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